About Global Cafe

Come to a pleasant and friendly place to meet new people, play games and enjoy free food, drinks and snacks. Optional Bible studies/discussions also run where you can explore Christianity for yourself and look at the big questions of life.

Global Cafe aims to provide a place for all International Students studying at Bradford University or College to meet local people and make friends whilst here in Bradford. We're run by volunteers from local churches and the Christian Union.


 But no matter what your faith background is, or even if you don't have one, you are welcome at Global Cafe! 


"A place for International Students to be themselves and share in each other's culture"

Who runs it

Many of our team members have experience being abroad and understand what it is like to be a stranger in a strange place. So we encourage you to chat with any of us if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Mark is the current Team Leader at Global Cafe. Being half-American, half-British, Mark is used to being a blend of cultures and has lived three years of his life in the Middle East, giving him a huge appreciation for Lebanese food, and two years in the States. This is his third year as the Global Cafe Team Leader and he is currently engaged!

“I strongly recommend Global Café  - You will find wonderful people, delicious (and free!) food as well as an occasion to practice your English.”

“The café is so warm and welcoming!”

“I love Global Café! It has helped me not only with improving my language, but also because I met a lot of lovely people, and I learned more about English culture. It made me feel better about being here.”

“My faith wouldn’t have a café like this, where you can explore faith at your own pace – I am excited to come to the discussions!”

“I want to come to every event you do, I am so happy!”