Statement from the Global Café trustees - 21st June 2022

As the trustees of Global Café, we remain devastated by the tragic death of Bori (Borbala) Benko and the life threatening violence against Klaudia Rogozinka that occurred on the 21st of Nov 2021. Following the details disclosed at Friday’s hearing we along with the rest of Global Café team are in shock. 


Bori was a cherished member of our Global Café team, who brought fun and laughter to those around her, and we continue to grieve her loss. 


Our hope is that the verdict will bring some closure to the family, friends and loved ones who are still coming to terms with the reality that Bori is no longer with us. Our prayers continue to be with Bori’s family, and we pray that they will know God’s peace and healing.


We take comfort in knowing that Bori is with her Lord and Saviour and hope to continue her legacy of showing God’s love to all of those who come in contact with Global Café. We hope to continue the work of Global Café ministry in partnership with churches across Bradford to support international and national students studying away from home. 

Global Café (Discovery Centre) is registered in England under ‘The Sherborne Road Church Trust’ with the charity number 256454