Fridays are our unique, themed nights where we chill with friends, enjoy free food, and the option to join in a  faith discussion or study which lasts around 30 minutes.  


With all of the news and fear going on, we are going to come together to have fun and play some team games together.  Which countries can work together to be the ultimate team? With chocolate to win, do you have what it takes? 

At Global Cafe this Friday:

 - Come and play team games to win chocolate!

- Enjoy home-cooked food!

- Relax at Global Cafe

Our optional discussion/study:

                           "Is justice really blind?"

What to expect

We aim for a varied programme on Friday nights and no two are quite the same! Whether we are exploring cultures across the world, important British cultural events or simply playing games... every Friday offers something new!

When you come in, please write your name on a sticker and stick it on, grab a drink and then come and enjoy yourself!

Food at the cafe

We know how expensive it can be in the UK, and so here at the cafe, we aim that all our food is free! We want to show British hospitality to you and it means you will always have good food when you come to the cafe. This includes our snacks and selection of drinks like tea, coffee and juice.

We also label our food so you know what is it, including if it is vegetarian or halal-friendly.

(Please note that the cafe does not serve alcohol)


Throughout the year, we give students a chance to share their culture by cooking for the cafe and we help with the costs of the ingredients for the meal.

This allows us to celebrate your culture and these events are always popular as everyone is excited to try out food across the globe!

Games at the cafe

Board games have recently regained popularity in Britain and are often a source of laughter and social activity!

You will never forget the friends you make and, whether you win or lose, you will have plenty of fun doing so! 

We have a mixture of games for two players, four players, and everything in-between!

If you have never tried playing these before, don't worry - they are all easy to learn and try!